April 20, 2024

External batteries that recharge wirelessly and do much more besides

To wirelessly charge an iPhone, Baseus offers two surprising and clever external batteries in its Let’s C series. Take advantage of them, as they are currently benefiting from significant promotions.

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The Baseus brand is known for its quality and affordable wireless earphones, but it also sells many other accessories related to mobility. This is particularly the case for the Achilles heel of battery-powered devices: their battery life. To extend it during trips and never run out of battery when there is no power outlet nearby, Baseus offers a range of original and high-performance external batteries. This is the Let’s C series. These small and lightweight external batteries allow you to give a boost to the phone’s battery, but they stand out from other models especially because of their innovative features and very practical “extras.”

Among the brand’s best sellers is the Baseus 20W 6,000 mAh. With a capacity of 6000 mAh, it can inject up to 19 hours of additional battery life to an iPhone. Compatible with MagSafe, it can wirelessly recharge all iPhones from version 13 with a power of 7.5W. This battery is covered with silicone to avoid scratching the phone on which it adheres thanks to a magnetic attachment. It also has a USB-C port so that it can be recharged in less than two hours. This port also serves to power a device to recharge it more quickly. It can be either an Android smartphone or an iPhone, or any other accessory. Fast charging is then done with a power of 20W. This external battery also benefits from the pass-through function. As a result, it is possible to wirelessly charge, while recharging the external battery. Currently, a 25% discount promo is available on the Amazon site, until January 31. It is priced at €37.75!

Order the Baseus 20W 6000mAh Power Bank and enjoy a 25% Amazon coupon!

Charging with or without wires

Now let’s move on to another essential reference from the brand: with its 10,000 mAh, the Baseus Let’C Magnetic Power Bank 30W is not just any high-capacity external battery. Its particularity is having a wireless charging system compatible with MagSafe, that is, from the iPhone 13. Magnetic, the battery is attached to the back of the phone, and its dimensions are well suited to those of the mobile phone. The part reserved for the camera modules is not covered by this battery, allowing you to continue using the camera while charging the phone. Enjoying such an advantage is not as expensive as it seems, as the Baseus 30W 10,000 mAh benefits from a big 30% discount at Amazon until January 31 (by checking the box on the Amazon page). Currently, this external battery is priced at €55.99!

Discover the Baseus 30W 10,000mAh Power Bank and take advantage of a 30% Amazon coupon!

With this wireless charging, the speed is quite fast for the iPhone, reaching 18W. If you are in a hurry, it is possible to go much faster by switching to a 30W charging via the battery’s cable. Note that this cable is USB-C type, meaning it is compatible with all Android smartphones, tablets, and the latest iPhones 15. With this cable, the latter can recover 55% of its capacity in thirty minutes of charging. Uniquely, the cable is directly integrated into the battery. As a result, it is impossible to forget this key element, but above all, this cable is very sturdy. It can even serve as a loop for transport by inserting the USB end into a false USB socket that allows it to be secured with the battery. This is very practical for suspending the whole.

What’s more: with the Baseus Let’C Magnetic Power Bank, you can kill two birds with one stone and avoid using two chargers to charge both the battery and the phone. How? thanks to a built-in function called pass-through. It allows you to recharge the external battery while connecting other devices to it for charging with or without wires. In addition to its integrated USB cable, the battery is also equipped with an additional USB port to charge another device. This is very useful for restoring autonomy to wireless headsets, for example.

No more tangled cables

An external battery implies cables; however, except for the Baseus 10,000 mAh 30W, which integrates one, the brand also offers a very practical one to take with you. With it, there are no problems with tangling and degradation from being twisted in all directions. This cable with two USB-C connectors at both ends has a retractor. It allows for four pre-set lengths (34 cm/58 cm/82 cm/100 cm). It also has the advantage of being lightweight at 50 grams and, above all, it perfectly supports fast charging because it can receive a power of 100W. This allows it to power laptops or tablets without any hassle. It will be an ideal companion for the brand’s external batteries. Here too, this cable is subject to a huge discount, as it is available 20% cheaper at Amazon (at €11.54) by checking the corresponding coupon box (the discount will be even 40% from January 21).

I want to learn more about the Baseus USB C cable!

Article written in partnership with Baseus

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