April 20, 2024

Winter 2024 Sales: Unmissable Offers on Smartwatches and Connected Bracelets

Since January 10th, many products have been discounted. This is the opportunity for some to make great deals on tech products such as smartwatches and fitness trackers. Here are the best offers of the winter sales 2024.

smartwatch sale

If you’re looking to take the leap for a smartwatch or fitness tracker, the winter sales are an excellent way to get a cheap product. Many models are on sale, from high-end to entry-level products. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or enjoy reducing the use of your smartphone in favor of your watch, the offers cater to a wide range of profiles. Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple, and Garmin are among the major brands that see the prices of their devices drop during this period.

There are two main differences between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. The tracker will be much smaller, lighter, and will focus on health data and sports exercises. On the other hand, the smartwatch will be a true extension of your smartphone. It can display your messages, play music, and accompany you in your sports activities. Here are the best discounts on smartwatches and fitness trackers during the winter sales of 2024.

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The best offers of smartwatches and fitness trackers for the winter sales of 2024 :

  • Apple Watch Series 9 (45 mm) for €449, instead of €479
  • Apple Watch Series 8 (41 mm) for €369, instead of €389
  • Apple Watch Series 8 (45 mm) for €379, instead of €419

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